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Santa Lucia Branch #89 of Sons in Retirement, Inc. holds luncheon meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon at the Salinas Elk's Lodge, 614 Airport Boulevard. The buffet lunch meal is served at 12:15 and speakers are always our guests for lunch.

Membership consists of approximately 70 retired men. There are typically 45-55 present at luncheon meetings. High quality programs are important to the membership because they make attendance worthwhile. The following guidelines are intended to help in preparing a presentation:

  • Our members respond positively to speakers who present a topic of informational, educational, and motivational, or entertainment value that will be of general interest to all men.
  • Speakers should plan on 15-20 minutes for their presentation, followed by a 10 minute Q&A.
  • Informational leaflets or flyers may be placed on tables and speakers are welcomed to stay after the meeting to answer more questions.
  • SIR Branches are prohibited from supporting, promoting, or otherwise acting to benefit, directly or indirectly, any other entity, cause or crusade; or any charitable or civil project no matter how worthy.
  • Presentations should refrain form promoting a specific business, its services or products, and there should be no type of solicitation for financial or in-kind donations, or requests t purchase products os services.
  • Please refrain from promoting anything that might suggest fund raising for whatever the excellent cause might be.
  • Personal political or religious messages or not allowed.
  • We have a microphone, podium, screen, and digital projector available for use.

If you are interested in speaking to the Santa Lucia Branch 89 of Sons in Retirement, please complete the below form (or send an email to speakers[at]

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