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Guest speakers address our membership on a wide range of topics that inform, educate, motivate, and entertain. We are interested in bringing viewpoints from outside with the message being inspiring, thought-provoking, and that brings perspective to our membership in new and exciting ways.

Keep in mind the following criteria when suggesting a speaker:

  • Speakers should plan on 15-20 minutes for their presentation, followed by a 10 minute Q&A.
  • Informational leaflets or flyers may be placed on tables and speakers are welcomed to stay after the meeting to answer more questions.
  • SIR Branches are prohibited from supporting, promoting, or otherwise acting to benefit, directly or indirectly, any other entity, cause or crusade; or any charitable or civil project no matter how worthy.
  • Presentations should refrain form promoting a specific business, its services or products, and there should be no type of solicitation for financial or in-kind donations, or requests t purchase products os services.
  • Speakers should refrain from promoting anything that might suggest fund raising for whatever the excellent cause might be.
  • Personal political or religious messages or not allowed.
  • Speakers are always our guests for lunch.

SIR Branch 89 welcomes all suggestions for guest speakers. Please complete the form below to suggest a speaker for one of our luncheon meetings, or email speakers[at]

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