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Santa Lucia Branch #89 of Sons in Retirement, Inc. welcomes to its membership men of good character who have retired from gainful full time occupation and who are recommended and sponsored by a member in good standing.

Application for membership will be accepted after the applicant has attended one regular meeting as a guest, and has been introduced by his sponsor.

Contact the Branch 89 Attendance/Membership Coordinator Vic Lanini,
or Gary Bowden at for more information.

Download a membership application.

What is Expected from Members

The Monthly Meeting
Our regular luncheon meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month. You will be called by a member of the telephone committee to remind you of the lunch and to ask if you will be attending. This yes or no response is very important so the meeting place can be informed how many will be attending. If you respond yes and circumstances prevent you attending please notify the attendance chairman as soon as possible.

Regular members missing three (3) consecutive meetings without notifying the attendance chairman, providing a valid excuse for their absence, or attending fewer than seven (7) meetings in twelve (12) months, will be notified by letter of their membership termination. Certification of attendance at another branch meeting will be considered as a credit to the members’ attendance record.


Luncheon starts at 12:00 noon. We invite you to come as early as 11:00 a.m. to have time to visit and get acquainted with your fellow SIR members. When you arrive get your ID badge from the attendance chairman. You can save time if you remember your membership number. Please pay for your lunch and get your ticket as soon as possible so the members at the table can enjoy lunch and our speaker.

Don't forget to return the badge after the meeting. Attendance is checked by badges issued at each luncheon.

Luncheon tickets are purchased at a designated table. Please place your ticket in the luncheon bucket at the serving line before serving yourself. We will warmly welcome any guests you may wish to invite. Please take him to the ticket table, buy him a lunch ticket and get him a membership application. Do not sell membership. Allow your guest to observe our meeting and let the organization sell itself. If he cares to join he will let you know. No pressure please. Every effort is made to close the meeting by 2:00 p.m., but if we are running a few minutes over, please do the speaker the courtesy of remaining until the close of the meeting.

Be Active

Membership is only worth as much as the members contribute to the success of the organization as a whole. There are many committees; you are encouraged to volunteer your services and talent.

Good fellowship is our objective. Make yourself at home the meetings, visit old friends, make new friends. Don’t be a stranger – introduce yourself and participate in various activities such as golf, bowling, trips, etc.








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