What is SIR?

Sons In Retirement (SIR) is a non-profit public benefit corporation for retired men. SIR assists men in renewing old friendships and making new friends through SIR activities. Having fun is our goal. We have more than 20,000 members in 150 Branches throughout northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon border and Lake Tahoe to the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Lucia Branch 89 was formed out of Branch 56 (the original Salinas Branch) in 1981 when the group became too large to hold luncheons and meetings. The official Branch 89 newsletter is The SIR Prize.

Membership is open to men retired from full-time occupation, regardless of age, race, color or religion. Member volunteers staff, administer and govern all Branch activities. SIR supports no outside cause or interest. We prohibit discussions of politics and religion or the selling of anything to any member. The only requirements to join SIR are that a man be retired, or semi-retired, be able to attend the monthly luncheons, and be sponsored by an active member.

Each Branch has monthly luncheon meetings where SIRs renew old friendships and establish new ones. Speakers are invited to speak on topical subjects of general interest. Most Branches have summer and winter luncheons where wives, partners and guests are invited.

Of special interest are Branch activities like golf, bowling, computers, RVs, investing, genealogy and many other activities of interest to our members.

An extensive travel program is available to all members and their guests. Travel events vary from one day local excursions to trips of several weeks duration to destinations throughout the world. It is great fun to travel with people you know.

The Beginning of Sons in Retirement, Inc.

Realizing the social nature of man and his desire for the company of others, particularly those retired from gainful employment in commercial and professional life, the late Damian L. Reynolds conceived the idea of Sons In Retirement in the spring of 1958.

From time to time, three friends, all retired, would meet with Mr. Reynolds for a friendly luncheon. He suggested to those three, Messrs. Claus Hinks, Lorenz Hansen and Wallace Plummer, that they join him in his idea of a monthly luncheon club for retired men for the purpose of maintaining old friendships, making new acquaintances and avoiding the boredom caused by inactivity. A kickoff luncheon was held in the Clarimar Restaurant in San Mateo, California on July 29, 1958. Five additional friends of the four founders came to the luncheon. They were Messrs. George Rogers, Clarence Johnson, Conrad Lange, Lloyd Cartmill and William Torello.

The name Sons in Retirement was unanimously adopted by eighteen members of the club at a second meeting on August 12, 1958. Consideration was given to several other names, none of which seemed to make clear the purpose of this fledgling group. Because most retired men wish for nothing to do with things pertaining to inactivity or laziness, the chosen name seemed to enunciate and give dignity to retirement. Since the name of the group was Sons in Retirement, one of the original group proposed that the club’s executive officer be designated as the Big SIR, a salutation “indicating maturity and respect.” Second in command would be known as the Little SIR.

Rules for the club were adopted on October 28, 1958. Among them were that members were not to be solicited for donations for outside groups or purposes. On January 10, 1962, this was further clarified to state solicitation was permitted only to provide funds to carry out the purposes of the club.

The corporation’s copyrighted insignia is the rooster. Mr. Reynolds stated, “Of all the creatures on earth, none expresses independence and dignity with more sureness and aplomb than a rooster. The majesty of his presence is felt in every barnyard, and when he crows, he can be heard for miles, not a fainthearted crow, but with a noise that calls attention to his majestic being.”

The new club’s first bulletin was called “Yes Sir” and its publication was financed entirely by voluntary contributions, a tradition which continues to this day.

The club’s slogan, “Promoting the Independence and Dignity of Retirement” speaks to the purpose and the long range goals of Sons in Retirement, Inc., that were set forth by our founders in 1958.


There are no dues, initiation fees, or assessments in Sons in Retirement. However, a voluntary donation of $2.00 is requested at each General Luncheon Meeting. This donation will be gathered up during the course of the luncheon. A member making a donation of $20.00 at the beginning of each year will be excused from any further donations throughout the year. This yearly donation is prorated at quarterly intervals throughout the year for men who become new members during the year. These donations cover many of the expenses, other than the luncheon service, that are incurred throughout the year by Branch 89, such as the newsletter, insurance, supplies, mailings, etc.

What's with the Rooster?

Of all the creatures on earth, none express more independence and dignity with sureness and aplomb than the rooster. The majesty of his presence is felt in every barnyard, and when he crows he can be heard for miles, not in a fainthearted crow, but with a noise that calls attention to his being.

Our founders chose the rooster as the official logo to represent the freedom he displays around the barnyard. We have paid our dues to the business world and now is the time for us to strut and crow a little.

We share the dignity of retirement with one another as members of SIR.

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